Friday, January 18, 2008

The weekend has arrived!!!

Yeah!!!! After a week of pure hell at work it's FINALLY Friday. What a relief! I "should" have a break from screaming people because they don't like change but I volunteered to go in tomorrow for a bit. Which, depending on how many voice mails I have waiting for me, I may have to go back on Sunday. I took about 4 hours off on Wednesday to attend the funeral of a friends father so at least I can make up some time and save my vacation time for fun things this summer!!!

We were BOMBARDED with snow last night. Well, not really bombarded because it could have been much worse but still got a good amount. My butt is too lazy to go out and shovel right now and there is a heap at the end of my driveway where the snowplow truck so lovenly left it. Seriously, do they NOT know that I have a car and not a 4-wheel drive? Ugh.

So at the funeral on Wednesday, I ran into some of my ex's relatives. I haven't really spoken to them in a good ohhhh, 3-4 years. It was awkward but nice all in the same. They really are a good bunch of people. Then some strange woman came up and asked me how I was doing. I could't figure out who she was. Whether she was someone I'd met through my friend or through my ex, so not to be rude and me being me, I got up and hugged her and said hello. Ya well... it wasn't until she said "John" that I realized she's my renters mom!!! Hahaha! Dork. So I guess the people that are supposed to purchase his house (so he can buy mine) are flaking out on him. She didn't go into too many details but it sounds like things are maybe falling through in that deal. UGH!!! The thing is that I live in an area where its buyers paradise. There are TONS of homes for sale. But the unempoloyment rate is also high which puts a damper on things. I am in the process of purchasing the house I am living in now. I have a land contract until October at which time, my other home is SUPPOSED to be sold. Good Lord! Seriously, if this falls through I might go ape-shit!

No clue for the weekend other than working. I'm watching my younger cousin tomorrow night. She and bug play good together and I've had her here probably 3 weekends since Bug got home just after NY's. It's way too freaking cold to do anything outside. Pretty sad considering when we were kids ALL we wanted to do was play outside. Boy they're baby'dn (or is it babied? I know it's babies... eh who cares you know what I'm saying!) now days.

My dog turned one yesterday. Such a big girl! :)

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


I've neglected you hookers for over a month!!! How dare I?! I bet you missed me though! Right...????

So let's see what I've been up to. I've sat down to write I dont know how many times but I keep getting interrupted for one reason or another.

I guess the beginning of December was fairly uneventful or I'd have written about it. Oh wait! I lied. George was officially divorced!!! YEAH GEORGE!!! Ok so that was pretty much MY highlight.

Bug was gone for Christmas. Her father is having MAJOR issues with George and I. Whatever. I left the fucker 6 years ago. SIX YEARS AGO!!! Does he think that I'm going to hold on to what we had for the rest of my life? He may be getting up there in age (he's quite a bit older than me) but I'm not going to sit and let my life revolve around him. Screw that. So George came with me to drop Bug off which her father was NOT happy about in the least. While she was gone she asked if she could talk to him, what was I supposed to say? No? So I did, and her dad had a fit, told me that it was "inappropriate" and that when she is at his hosue she has to go by HIS rules and blah blah blah blah blah.... So he also came with me to pick her up. At that time the comment was "I'm going to call you later and we are going to have a talk". Whatever. He called and never said a damn word. I think maybe he realized FINALLY that he sounds like the jealous ex-boyfriend. Ya right. He's just off his rocker.

So after we dropped Bug off we went to Lambeau field (home of the Packers), I'd never been there before. The atrium was amazing! Ended up in the bar in Lambeau playing one of those dumb touch screen games for like HOURS. Drank lots of beer. Finally went to the hotel to check in and then went to dinner which was fantastic! The next day we did some Christmas shopping and since the weather was bad we decided to stay another night, went to Hooters for dinner (God I love that place!!!!) had a kick ass hot waitress. What baffled me though, there was a little blonde that was working, she was ok looking-- definately not someone I'd look twice at, just ok, however, I did look twice at her ass. It didn't fill out the Hooters shorts!!!! WHAT THE HELL??? Now I realize that Hooters is an establishment based on boobs, but when she can't even fill out the shorts!? Seriously, they were like all bunched up and about 3 sizes too big for her. I've seen a 10 year old with a bigger ass than this chick. Eww. Anywho, after that we ended up going to some bowling alley for night bowling. It was actually a blast! We had to get up early and drive back in an ice storm so we thought about going clubbing but then realized it wasn't such a good idea.

I got Bug a Wii for Christmas. Of course we took it out of the box and played it before we wrapped it up for her. I mean, she was gone over Christmas anyway and I had to make sure it worked. I would HATE to give her a broken toy. DAMN! That thing kicks some serious ass!!! Talk about fun! Now I dont get into video games and stuff but seriously, it's a good time. We brought it over to my cousin's house last weekend. She and I finally went to bed around 3-330am while George and her hubby stayed up till 5am playing GOLF. (Which I also have to admit is a fun game on the Wii!!!)

Christmas was good. I was SPOILED by George!!! I got THE most comfy undies from Victoria's as well a super cleavage bra. Seriously, I HATE wearing underwear. Hate them. Even thongs, I realize they're made to go up your ass crack but after a while you're STILL picking them out because they hurt. These suckers that he bought me-- HEAVEN. I freaking love them. (EE I know what you're thinking right now!), anyway, got a pair of slippers and red satin jammies from there also. Then I got a red robe and a beautiful diamond necklace. I love it. And I love him. (Awwwwww...)

New Years was ok. Pretty uneventful. We tried out a new restaurant that's about 40-45 min from our house. It's a Mexican restaurant. Um ya, don't order king crab from a mexican place. They were terrible. I had a cold to top it off so that probably made them worse. However the strawberry daquari that I had was probably one of the best ever. Ah, take the good w/ the bad. Anyway, we had to stop at George's house on the way back before heading to the bar. While he was doing whatever he had to do I ended up falling asleep. Woke up shortly after 11p and made it clear that if we were going we had to go now or I was going back to sleep. Ended up going to a bar that looked like it was packed. It was ok. Odd crowd but his brother was there so we stuck it out... till 4am.

So, now that I've written a book I'll try to add some pics of my life in the past month. Oh ya, and I started painting Bug's bedroom too. Ok, I started painting it a while ago but I ran out of paint. I managed to get 3 walls painted pink so I asked her to do the 4th green. Then she decided she wanted stripes... This is what we have so far--

Happy New Year Bitches!!!!

Feel better now that you're all caught up? :)