Monday, May 5, 2008

Look at the time...

My how time flys huh? Where the hell have I been?

Busy that's where!!!

Friend w/ Leukemia- brother is a PERFECT match. I have no idea if I've already written about that or not. Anyway, they called him on Friday with a date. Everything is getting to be very real for him and is really freaking him out. I would be freaking out too. From my understanding they will do extensive chemo on him. After that they will do the transplant. He will have to live in a "bubble" for a hwile and wont' be able to come home for a ballpark of 90-100 days. My heart just goes out to him and his family. I cannot imagine having to endure something like that.

Catachism-- almost done. First communion and Confirmation this Sunday. I was informed by my daughters father that my boyfriend is NOT allowed to sit by us in church. UH!? HELLO???? If this is so important to him then WHY is he NOT coming??? He's sending money for the party but not coming? He could have saved his money and gotten his ass on a plane and flew here if it that *that* important to him. I mean seriously!? And then to ask me if I know this is a family function? Uh.. yes I do. He wanted to know who was going to be there. Never once did I mention George's name. Not once. And then he tells me that it is forbidden that he sit with my family and I during mass. FORBIDDEN!!! It's a slap in God's face if I allow him to sit with me since we are not married. You know I am SOOOOOOOOO sick and tired of this asshole trying to rule my f'n life. I left him almost 7 years ago. Can someone please tell me what it is that he does NOT understand???? I have a life of my own and I am entitled to live it in any way I please. He cannot tell me how to live my life. Also, if it was *such* a slap in the face of God don't you think they would have told us such a thing already? That is is forbidden for unmarried people to sit together in church? He also told me that if he took his girlfriend (which I'm SURE he popped in the convo to try to get a reaction out of me, I honestly don't think he has one) she would not be allowed to sit with them. Uh huh riiiiiiiiiiight. When he and I started dating and I was still flying around (we weren't serious at all at this point) his son (who he was full custody of) had his First Communion. Do you honestly think that he would tell me that I could not sit with them in church???? No, I highly doubt that. Especially considering he has NO family in the US and his ex-wife really has nothing to do w/ their son as sad as that is. I tell you, he teaches me something new every day. I'd like to know when he decided to make up new rules for the church. I fucking hate that man. I honestly do. There's so much more to the story. After shit like that I wonder WHY I have never taken him to court to "up" his support. The sad thing is that I called him to explain to him what I told the people about the picture taking in church. I fought to be able to take pictures FOR HIM!!!!! And then out of no where he springs this shit on me? You know what? Fuck him. If he wants pictures he can wait unti the photographer posts them on the website. Fuck that. Ungreatful fuck.

Or how about the fact that he just decided to purchase the tickets on his own to fly her there and back this summer? Didnt' consult me at all. Now my NASCAR weekend is totally fucked bc of him. I've waited FOREVER to be able to go and now that's all screwed up and I can't. Then I'd asked him to fly her back to and airport near my Grandma. She isn't doing so hot either. But instead what does he do? Buys the tickets on his own days and flys her back into Chicago. WTF?! Ugh. So now I have an either 6 hour drive around Lake Michigan or I have to go back home and then the long way to see her. Honestly I wish he'd just be casterated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That man should NEVER be allowed to breed again. All he does is make women's life hell. I dont' know how they do things in South America but they dont' treat women like that here. Get a fucking card pal! Grrrrrrrrrrr.........

Girl Scouts-- I'm STILL delivering f'n cookies!!!!!! I've had them for TWO weeks now. Ugh.

I went out of town this past weekend for a bachelorette party. It was fun but she is so very conservative. The bar we'd gone to had 3 other bachelorettes there that night and had the 3 of them on the stage for a contest. They got points for every shirt and pants they got from the men in the bar. 1, 2, 3... GO! One poor bastard got caught in the middle of this shit. Poor guy was left with 2 socks and 1 shoe. There he is, naked as a Jay-bird holding his junk in his hands. Honestly he wasn't much to look at- in my eyes anyway, just not my type, but it takes some massive balls (no pun intended bc honestly I didn't get to see them) to let some chick do that to you in a bar. It was still fairly early, maybe midnight. OMFG. Every girl that had a camera in that bar was snapping pictures of this guys white ass and tattoo'd back. It was priceless. I'll post a picture later.

My Grandpa is not well. Granted that he will be 86 in July but he's always just been such a strong man. I hate the thought that this could be the beginning of the end. I realize that we all have to go at some point but it just sucks ass.

Alright time for me to go. I've been on this thing for far too long tonight.

Later hookers!