Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Where have I been?

Here, there and everywhere in between. Ok not really but that's what it seems like!

Drove to WI on Friday. We went to the zoo and Bug has been DYING to go to Lambeau field so we took her there. I thought she was honestly going to hyperventalate. We did the tour thing there which Bug thought was awesome. It really was neat. I mean there is *so* much history in that statium! We *had* to eat dinner at Chuck E Cheese's. Neither George nor I wanted to eat there but since it was Bug's last night I decided that we'd eat where ever her little heart desired. After that we headed back to the hotel and down to the pool.

The poor thing cried for 2 days before she left bc she was going to miss me so much but once she saw her dad she was just fine. I've talked to her a couple of times on the phone and she's been just fine. She's with her dad and brother until August 16th. 8 very long weeks. 60 days sounds so much better doesn't it?

So Saturday after dropping her off George and I putzed around. Stopped at Home Depot, Bed, Bath & Beyond, PetSmart etc. His sister and hubby were in GB as well as they were flying to VA to pick up their daughter to bring home. (Long story behind that one.) Anyway, we met them for drinks and dinner. Sadly, 4 beers and I was pickled. I really need to build up the tolerance again!!!

On the 6th my cousin and I decided to go have a beer. Bug was gone and her hubby was gone for the weekend and her daughter was staying at her Grandma's for the night. Her MIL called around 10p or so and said that her daughter was sick and had thrown up. It was green and looked like moss... Interesting... Anyway, I ended up picking up L and bringing them both home. L continued to throw up till 5am. On Saturday she was better, no fever at all during the entire time she's sick. Finally 4pm she started tossing cookies again. It was finally clear bc obviously this 9 year old child had gotten everything that was in her system out. Cousin called the nurse's station at the hospital explaining what was going on and the pains in her stomach and was told there was a "bug" that was going around. It made sense. L slept all night that night. Sunday cousin was getting her into the bathtub which L said felt really good on her belly. After she washed her hair and was ready to get her out, L collapsed screaming in pain. Cousin dressed her and rushed her to the ER only to be told "the clinic opens in a half an hour". Uh NO, this child is extremely sick and needs to be seen NOW. The Dr saw her and after L telling her that it hurt to pee she decided that it was probably just a bladder infection. Cousin said no. It was something more. She has had a bladder infection and this certainly was NOT a freaking bladder infection. She asked about a CAT scan and the Dr said "you really want me to?" UH!? Are you fucking dumb? YES!!!! So to make a long story short she had appendicitis and had to be rushed to a hospital an hour away for an appendectomy. Ugh. Cousin rode in the ambulance but her hubby was not home. He was on hsi way home from out of town but his cell phone was all screwed up. I finally got a hold of him when he was about an hour away. Fast forward. They do the surgery laproscopic. The surgeon came out and said everything went good and they got it all. The appendix had not ruptured and she could go home the following day.

They released L on Monday w/ demerol for the pain and an anti biotic. She still can't eat and still has pain. This went on all week. Thursday Bug and I stopped by to say goodbye before she left and she seemed to be getting better.

Monday cousin was at work and said that L woke her up at either 3am or 5am complaining that she needed a pain pill. She called work at 0830 crying in pain. Cousin made an appt for her and took her in. They did blood work on her, gave her a script for more pain meds and finally called her back a bit later with the results. A normal range for white blood cells is 8,000-11,000, L's were at 24,000!!! INFECTION. Ended up in the hospital again on IV with fluid and antibiotics. I cannot begin to explain to you the pain this child was in. It was like watching a 9 year old in labor. It was horrendous!!! Shots on demerol did NOTHING. She had 3-4 shots of demerol between 2-5pm and then when I got back at 7pm she had 2 more between 7-9p that were accompanied by an anti anxiety medication. After the first one she finally slept for maybe 30-45 min. Until the nurse came in to check vitals. She asked her what her pain level was and she said a 3. Not a minute after she walked out it was a 4 and then a 7 and then like a 50. She was flailing and in the fetal position, crying, screaming. It was terrible. They consulted with the Dr and then with another hospital about an hour and a half away (in the opposite direction of where she had the appendectomy). They couldn't do the surgery there until the following day bc she needed to have 2 bags of antibiotics in her system first.

Oh ya, forgot to say that she had an absess from the appendicitis. The absess wasn't infected but the outside of it was. It was covered in infection.

Her dad finally called me at midnight and they were transferring her. After her not peeing for roughly 10 hours they realized that they would ahve to insert a catater. She was having NONE of it. When you have a little girl you teach her that boys and people in general are NOT to touch or look at your "privates". Well they taught her well bc it was NOT happening. They had 2 men and 2 women holding this child down. Nto going to happen. So they decided to transfer hre. She screamed in pain the entire ride. Once they got there they gave her morophine and inserted the cathater.

Yesterday they did some tests and the absess was behind her bladder pushing on her rectum. Which makes sense bc she kept saying she had to poop but couldn't. The kid was shitting puss. Gross I know. Sorry. Anyway they decided they couldn't insert the drain tube like they'd wanted. Instead they had to open her up. For the 2 hours before the surgery they would give her NOTHING for the pain. Cousin ended up hyperventalating they had to get a nurse for her. Finally the nurse called the Dr and gave her some meds and decided they would adjust the anethesia accordingly.

When they got in there they realized the absess was bigger than my fist!!! Full of toxins and infection. Poor thing!!!

Hopefully the worst is over and she can start to recover now. They left the incision open and inserted a drain tube. She won't be home until Sunday at the very least. Poor poor baby.

Bug doesn't know. She'd want to come home right away and panic. No need to tell her these things while she's gone.

My Grandpa has been in and out of the hospital twice in the past week and my parents dog may have to have a blood transfusion. Grandpas bp is very low and he's getting very dizzy. The dog has been sicka nd sleeping non stop so they brought her in last week and gave her meds. Monday they brought her back again and did bloodwork. A dogs platelets are supposed to be between 150-175, hers are 24. Not good. They gave them steriods to hopefully bring it up otherwise the next step is to have a transfusion 10 hours away. She has an auto immune something or other. Her red blood cells are attacking themselves and the rest of her body so she's basically killing herself. Poor thing. They go back in tomorrow.

Well time for me to stop typing. I think I've developed carpel tunnel from all this typing today. But anyway there's your update. That's where I've been and why I've not blogged in 2 weeks or whatever its' been. I'm sure now that Bug is gone I'll update more as I have *so* much free time now.

Hope everyone is having a great summer so far. Colder than SHIT here!!! Ugh. Sucks ass.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Again I've been neglecting you. I'm sorry. My life is totally fucked up.

I may be single... but I might not. I'm not really sure. What I do know is that I will not tolerate living my life without respect from my significant other. What makes one lose respect? What makes someone one day decide that they are better then you and they think they have the ability to dictate your life. Your friends, your clothes etc. Two words-- FUCK THAT.

Bug is leaving next Saturday for her dad's. She will be gone until August 16th. I will have plenty of time to blog while shes is gone. Lord knows I'll have nothing better to do. Well unless I'm single. Then I'll be free to dance on bars again.

I haven't had a cigarette in a week. Maybe if I did I wouldn't be so bitchy... Or is my life really *that* fucked up right now?!

He hasn't talked to me since 8am yesterday. That would be approximately 34 hours. His loss. I'm a good fucking catch damn it. I don't deserve this bullshit.

I was sick all last week. I barely made it to work. I had a temp of 101.9-102.9 for4 days. I finally went to the Dr on Friday. Thursday night all I did was cry I was in so much pain. Four days w/o a break in the fever. It was pure hell. I couldnt' even put Bug to bed on Thursday. So 0830 Friday I was at the Dr's office. He didnt' come in till 0930 after visiting patients in the hospital. There were already 2 or 3 people ahead of me. I had to piss in a cup. Then they sent me to the hospital for bloodwork. When I got back to the office I had to piss in a cup again. They decided that I just might be preggers. I thought I was going to cry right there. THANK GOD I'M NOT!!!!!!!!! So after all of that they still didn't know what was wrong with me other than a bit of unexplainable blood in my urine. Oh well. I guess I'm not going to die. Just a viral infection of some sort. Saturday I woke up and the fever had finally broken but I had a terrible cough and the feeling of an elephant sitting on my chest. I still have that feeling and some phlegm but I still don't feel nearly as bad as I did last week. I'm chaulking the phlegm and cough up to the fact that the leaves are FINALLY coming out here so we're bombarded w/ pollen which is making it hard to breath. I get like this every single spring.

Today is the first day I've wanted to smoke in a week. Probably because I'm so irritated. I'm more of a social smoker anyway. When I go out or when I'm pissed. I dont' smoke at work and I rarely smoke at home. Go figure. I also hate smoke. I'm such a hypocrite. I get home from the bar and I'm in the shower right away bc I cannot stand waking up smelling like a bar. Imagine that?

My dog has also been sick. IDK what her issue is but Monday I woke up and there was dog shit and vomit the color of dog shit all over my freaking house. I cleaned it all up and the next night-- the same thing. Wednesday night was normal. No mess anywhere when I woke up. Last night I fell asleep on the couch till 6am and there were 2 or 3 spots. IDK whats up w/ her. Maybe she has the flu? Maybe bad dog food? If she's still sick tomorrow I'll call the vet. She's acting fine when I'm here and during the day so... IDK. Fucking animals.

Alright I'm too pissy to blog anymore. Hope you're all alive and well. I'll keep you updated on whether I'll be dancing on bars or tables in the near future or if someone learned they were being dickish. (Shut up, it's MY word!!!)