Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Things that make me happy-

Bug's laugh
XXX vitamin water
Sunny days and nice weather.
Friends & Family
Seeing F&F happy

Since our spring vacation plans didn't work out I'm taking Bug to an indoor water park this weekend.  It's a few hours away from our house but I know she'll have a great time!  I am hoping & praying the water is warm!!!!  I HATE cold water. I hate pool water!  And then to think of all the little kids that will be playing in the water and pissing in it really grosses me out! :)

The weather here as been beautiful this winter and spring.  I'm in love!!!  Even some of my plants are coming up!!!  Yay!!!!

Plans for the weekend-
Water park
Mall for shopping
Mani's & pedi's (this is Bug's new favorite thing)
Eating good food!  I'm craving Olive Garden.  But then again maybe we'll just order pizza to the hotel?!
Getting the rest of the accessories I need for my bathroom.  I hope to God this can be done soon!   I'm getting a little irritated!  It's hard though bc I can't do w/o a bathroom and I only have 1 shower in my house.  :(