Monday, April 28, 2008

I've been Hoff'd

Sorry for that moment of weakness yesterday. When did I become all girly like that? I feel like I should go 4-wheeling in some mud now.

Uneventful day. We looked up old one hit wonder videos and just old video's in general today at work and laughed our asses off. Remember Gerardo- Rico Suave? Oh but the BEST one was this-- I just wasn't able to top it for DUMB ASS video of the day. Seriously, I realize the Hoff is big in other countries but this is sooooooo gay. There no way in hell this man can be proud of this.

The Hoff

Sunday, April 27, 2008

"The" One

"There's no such thing as the perfect guy. I think it would be strange if somebody was absolutely everything you always wanted because then there would be no challenge"-Jessica Alba

What does it feel like to be "the" one? I have to admit I'm a bit emotional today for some reason. I'm really not sure why. Could be because my boyfriends friend and girlfriend that started dating right after George and I did are so sickly in love and I'm envious? She told me last night that they are planning on getting married next summer. He has admitted to George that she is "the" one. What does that feel like? What does it feel like to know that you make someones world go round and they want nothing more than to spend the rest of their life with you?

I was engaged once. To Bug's dad. We used to joke and look at rings. I found "the" perfect ring. It was *so* totally me. Somehow I knew that he'd purchased it. He came to see me in Chicago and I for some reason knew that he had it with him. I asked him to give it to me and he wouldn't. Have I ever told you how I was proposed to? After going out that night (after I'd asked him to give me the ring) we returned to our hotel-- The Travel Lodge near O'Hare. I got into bed and went to sleep. He woke me up around 2am, on the side of the bed and said "Will you marry me?" I opened my eyes and said "Fuck you". WHO proposes like that??? Granted that yes I accepted the ring. My daughter was conceived the next day. At least she wasn't' conceived in the freaking Travel Lodge. Classy. Really classy way to propose to someone. I should've known right then and there that it wasn't going to work.

It's funny when people ask you about your first true love, it's not him. It's the ex boyfriend. The one that I found after I moved back here. We were set up on a blind date. After three years of being on and off I think we both realized that it wasn't going to work. I basically gave him an ultimatum. In my eyes, after 3 years you either know or you don't. He didn't. I wasn't willing to wait anymore. We both needed to move on. And we have.

Now I have George. I met him so many years ago. I fell in love with him so many years ago. I have taken chances with this man that I've never before taken in my life. In my eyes HE is "the one" for me. I know this. However, he's broken. He's been there and done that and isn't looking to go back to that place anytime soon. He says that I have too many animals. I told him that's an excuse. You love someone unconditionally, not because of their animals, money, children etc. Love is without conditions. He is my "the" one. I know that with every single ounce of my being. I love him so much more then the ex. It's hard to explain.

We are perfectly unperfect together. We fit. I read that quote up above yesterday and really reflected on it. It's very true. We argue, we bicker but at the end of the day I'm still so madly in love with him.

I'm really sick of being the friend of the bride. The single one. The mom. The blunt one. The one with the dogs. The one who works "there". I'm me. I'm the one that's willing to take chances in my life. I always have. I just got done watching a movie, I think it was called "Cake" or something. It was on Lifetime and starred Heather Graham. I am her in so many ways. I've always done my thing. Maybe I've been afraid of commitment and just didn't know it. Or maybe I mask my WANT for commitment by pretending that I don't want it? I don't know. With George I stopped telling him I wanted to marry him. I stopped telling him that he was the one. All because he didn't want to hear it... Why should I have to do that? Why would I hide my feelings for him because he wants me to? Why does he want me to? Is he afraid because he jumped in blindly last time with both feet? Why doesn't he love me like that? Why is it that I cannot have that fairy tale? Was it not meant for me?

This is so dumb. I'm sorry for my babbling.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Friends in need

So a good friend of mine as well as my co-worker has been sick for some time now. They finally ran a bunch of tests on him and came back that he was anemic. Wow. I never new anemia could make you feel so run down and give you so many issues. He explained that there are different types. Now that they knew what he was suffering from they had to go to the next step and figure that out.

So a couple Friday's ago, when we were supposed to get the "Monster storm" he gets a call AT WORK from the Dr's office telling him bc of the weather not to drive the hour to get there but that they had his results.... He has leukemia. Yes they told him this while he was at work. Granted they were calling for 18-24 inches of snow and with news like that I can see how driving would be more of a hazard than finding out you have a potentially life threatening illness while at work. I don't recall seeing him much that day so he must've left. I sure would have. They had to let him know that day bc they were making arrangements for him to go to a large hospital many hours from here.

I think I blogged about this already. Either that or I'm having deja vu'.

So he went to the big hospital and they ran more tests. We were under the impression that he would have chemo and wait to see if he needed a bone marrow transplant. Well, the chemo didn't happen. He needs bone marrow. His brother was tested today and there is only a 25% chance that he will match. Only 25%. Can you imagine!? If his brother doesn't match then they got to the registry to look for a match. He has a sister but they have different dad's and insurnace will only test someone if they are 100% full sibling or something to that effect. So anyway, I called my Dr's office today since I have an order to get a cholesterol test done I wanted to know if they could check my bone marrow to see if I would be a match for him. I didn't necissarily want to be on the donor registry. Just wanted to be checked for my friend. Then I got to thinking... How totally and completely selfish is that of me? What about all of the other people out there in my same situation that have a friend that is sick and in need? What if it was Bug? Or someone else's child? What if I KNEW that I could help someone and instead I let them suffer nad die? How completely cruel and heartless of me?! I already know that I have a rare blood type. I know that there is a shortage on my blood yet I went to donate once and they turned me away bc they said my heart skipped. I've since had that checked out and I'm ok so what is stopping me? My Grandpa used to give blood all the time. Why didn't I learn from him? Is it because I'm afraid of needles? That's selfish. If I can have a child and get poked and prodded every month for almost 10 months, recover from a c-section and get a tattoo---but not give blood to someone that may need it.. that's selfish. Hell I probably get rid of more in a month then they would take out of me anyway. (Ya ew gross I know. Grow up you sissy's.) So anyway, my point is that I'm selfish. I'm in a situation that I could potentially help people and I'm not. Yes I have an organ donation card filled out on my drivers license in case I die, however what is that going to hurt me right? I'll be dead. On top of that I choose not to donate my eyeballs or skin or bone or whatever for what reason? Because I'll need those things when I'm dead? So instead I give my heart and internal organs... What about the burn victim's that need new skin? What about someone who has lost their sight and could be given the gift of sight from me? All they're going to do is sew my eyelids shut anyway. What do I need my eyeballs for?

Yes I realize this post is morbid, but after having my friend go through this, it really puts things into perspective for me. What if it was me in that situation? What if *I* had a family to support and couldn't? What if I was faced with the possiblity of death? It must suck.

So I called the Dr's office and the Dr didn't know much. So I called a friend of mine that used to wrk in the lab (and still does on occasion) and is also on the board at the hospital here in town and asked him what I'd have to do. He has a meeting with someone who deals with bone marrow donation etc tonight and will call me tomorrow.

I may have my chlosteral test tomorrow, donate blood and register for bone marrow in the morning.

We are having a fundraiser for him and his family on the 9th. I think it will be a dinner and dance. There is a meeting tomorrow at 530p that I will be going to. His wife cried when she was told about the fundraiser. Yes they have insurance as well as AFLAC, however the hospital that he will be going to is 9 hours away. They have lost wages etc. They also have a daughter that has quite a few health issues on top of what they're dealing with.

After watching Oprah's Big Give, seeing what these people can do for others with little or no money... I could save a life.... the best gift that a person can give. The best gift that we all can give. So next time I'm feeling down, I'm going to think about it and rememeber that I could be so much worse off in my life. Things could be so bad for me. Instead of feeling sorry for myself becuase I dont have any extra money to buy new summer clothes or whatever, I'm going to be thankful for my health and the things that I do have and have worked so hard fo. For you never know when those things can be taken away from you. Everything in life is material.

What's even worse and this may be me being well, me. Thinking and over analizing but it's a fact. We had a gentleman that worked for us years ago. He was with the company for so many years. I wrote about him on my other blog for those of you who were there. He was wonderful. Had such a caring family. Wife, 2 boys and a girl. His wife was diagnosed with leukemia and it eventually took her life. A few years later, he remarried, only to be going through a divorce a short time later ( a year or two maybe)... he went on vacation to TX with some friends. One of which owned a small plane. It crashed and the three friends parished in it. They could only identify my friend bc he had a hip replacement. He left behind a son that was maybe 24 or 25, a daughter that was just starting out in college and a son who wasnt' quite yet 16. They were orphans. Sad. Very very sad. So things in our lives could be so much worse.... Oh the moral of that story, when co-worker parished in the plane crash they had to move people around in the company and hire new people. My friend that is sick w/ leukemia right now, now sits at his desk. I told some co-workers the other day that I feel the desk needs to be burned. Yes, over analyzing and looking into it more than I should. I'm being superstitious.

It just sucks. The entire situation sucks. He is only like 38 or 39 years old. Has a 15 year old and a 8 year old at home. How can I be greedy and selfish and NOT help a family like that???? Maybe I wouldn't be able to help him, but to know that I could have maybe saved a life and didn't!?

Selfish. We are all selfish in one way or another. My Grandma used to say... "No one is perfect. There was only one perfect person in history and they crusified him". How true.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tagless, pinecones & dog shit

Picked up the half dried up dog shit in the front yard today. EW. Well someone had to do it and since I'm the only adult here I suppose I had no other choice. Although I have the biggest, ugliest pine tree in my yard. There must be at least 9,568 on the ground and another 11,735 ready to fall. Hard to decifer what was dog shit and pine cone after a while. Dumb dogs.

I hate bad drivers too. No matter where I wetn today I was met with one. On my way to work I was behind a flipping school bus driving 40 in a 55. On the same stretch of road on my way back from lunch I was behind some jackass doing 30. THIRTY mph! WTF?! Ugh. On the way to drop off George's pc after work some dumb fuck pulls out of the intersection in front of me. Uh HELLO!? Did you NOT see my car?! Dumb. I didn't slow down I just got right on their ass. Those people shouldn't have a license. *I* on the other hand NEVER make mistakes and am a perfect driver. Pffft.

Oh and Snaggletooth will be back the beginning of May. Wonderful. I'm thinking she'll move about an hour away with the guy she's going to sponge off of next. You know, the one we BOTH have in common. She cannot do anything by herself. Hell she's never even lived by herself. She expects people to support her worthless fat ass. Ugh. Those people piss me off.

So Mojito didn't have anyone to tag and I felt pity on her. Since I actually have nothing interesting for you today I figured I'd fill her tagless tag. (Does that make sense? It does to me and that's all that really matters you hookers.)

Vix tagged her which she was really quite alright with. She can tag her anytime I guess I should get on with it then, heh? OK:

This is Isabella’s Sex Meme that Vix stole from Biscuit. (I think that's how it all went down.) Her answers were fun to read so I thought I would snag it too. Anyone is welcome to steal it but you must post this rules blurb at the beginning of the meme:

1. You must include this link to Sex Talk: Sex Advice for Men
2. You must answer every question! If you don’t have a good answer, you are strongly encouraged to make up something good; we like to be entertained.
3. You must tag 3 people.

1. Sex in the Morning or Sex at Night?
I hate mornings. Unless it's one of those instances where you wake up and find yourself in the middle of it and have the "how the hell did this happen" moment but are totally ok with it. Otherwise no, I'm night hawk. Morning are a very rare occasion in my book.

2. Better Sex Music: Sade or Marvin Gaye?
Ummm.. How about Berry White? Was that his name? The Velvet Teddy Bear? How there is a GREAT song by Moby called The Ultimate Fuck Song. I always thought that would be fun for something different. Normally I just listed to the tv. :)

3. Naughty Pics or Naughty Home Video?
I used to want to do a video just to see what I looked like. That was before I had a child. Now? Ew. No freaking way. Pics can be fun, especially if you're half in the bag at the time.

4. Fabulous Sex With: Dr. Doug Ross or Dr. Greg House?
Dr Ross I guess. House would just tell me what I was doing wrong and I'd have to laugh at him which would totally ruin the moment. Can't I pick McDreamy or McSteamy???? This game sucks.

5. Vibrator or Dildo?
Vibe. I'd rather have the real thing than a dildo.

6. Bedroom Sex: Lights Off or Lights On?
I dont' really care. I'm comfortable enough either way. Sometimes though you can do alot of imagining in a pitch black room. (Well now how WRONG did THAT sound??? Hahahah I didn't mean like imagining someone else or anything!!!)

7. Word preference: Pussy or Cunt?
Hmmm.. See I'm ok with either really. Cunt makes me laugh for some reason. Unless someone is really pissed off at me and using it that way but just in an everyday way, ah, whatever. Now if I really dislike someone, say GNCT or Snag for instance, yes they are cunts because the word pussy is just too nice of a word to use to describe those two dirty whores.

8. Spanking Over the Knee or Spanking Only During Sex?
I actually really like to be spanked. George doesn't have the heart to really get me good but we're working on it. Has to be the right moment though. :)

9. More Exciting: Sex in an Elevator or Sex in an Airplane?
Hmmm.... Tough. I'll go w/ elevator. Preferably with a mirrored ceiling.

10. Ron Jeremy or Peter North?
Ew. Now about neither. I had to Google to see who PN was. I didnt know. I prefer not to get too personal w/ my porn stars.

11. Word preference: Cock or Dick?
Dick. I just don't really see a reason to use the word cock. I'm ok with it though. Actually maybe I should change my ways and start calling people cocks instead of dicks. That might be fun and throw them off for a bit. It's like when you get into a name calling thing with someone and you run out of names-- crotch gets them every time. They get stumped... In my world anyway.

12. Linda Lovelace or Jenna Jameson?
Jenna. She's hot, although getting a bit too thin IMO. Nothing like screwing a skeleton.

13. Rope Bondage or Bondage Tape?
How about neither for $1000 Alex? I don't really care for rope burns and the hair on my arms would really suck when you pulled the tape off. So neither is my answer.

14. Give a Rim Job or Receive Anal Sex?

15. Get Rich Stripping in a Skanky Bar or Get Rich as a Call Girl for Celebs?
Skanky bar? No thanks. The last strip club that I was in was HORRIBLE. Seriously when the girls have to come up to your table and ASK if we're tipping--?! Ya, that bad. I left feeling great about myself though. I saw stretch marks on those girls in places that I didn't know you could possibly have them.

16. Which threesome: Boy/Girl/Girl or Boy/Boy/Girl?
I used to want a BBG-- as long as the focus was all on me and they didn't touch. I don't enjoy male porn. I dont care if guys kiss but just don't want to see any asshole sex going on. No offense. So I'll go w/ BGG. Hands down.

17. Flavored Oil or Tingling Oil?
Tingling. I love the tingling stuff. I have tried the KY Warming as well as Love Motion #9-- now that isn't for everyone. I think I was the only one that actually liked it after buying it from the "tool" party.

18. Pearl Necklace or Swallow?
I have swallowed once in my entire life and I'll never do it again. Ever. Ewww... Barf, gag.

19. Sex While Strangers Watch or Sex with a Stranger?
I'm ok with people watching, that doesn't bother me at all. Been there done that. It can be hot actually.

Not tagging bc no one reads this anyway! :) However like Mojio said, if you do it let me know! :)

Later hookers!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck?

Hmmm... Fuck. Seriously. It's Tuesday and my week has already been totally fubar'd. Yesterday I got to work and found out that a co-worker has leukemia. WTF?! He's 37ish and his poor family has just been through the ringer with their 2 children being sick. One has a tube running from her brain into her stomach, they're constantly traveling to big specialty hospitals with her, the son is always injured in some way from hockey or whatever. He was also sick as a young child. Different things were wrong with him. Anyway, said co-worker hasn't been feeling well for a while. Quite a while. They finally did a bunch of blood work and it came back that he was anemic, which seemed strange since anemia is usually low iron levels. Anyway, I'm not an expert and he said they still had to do some more tests. Well during the blizzard (that actually wasn't more than 2inches here but 18 an hour away!) they didnt' want to have him drive up to get the results so they gave them to him over the phone AT WORK (WTF?! Granted it was bad out) so they could have him make arrangments bc he would need to leave to go to a hospital for more testing and most likely chemo treatments this week. The hospital is roughly 8 hrs away so it's not like they can commute there. So that was Monday.

Today I found out that my dad resigned last night at the town counsel meeting. Ugh. Fuck. He's chief of police but the new manager in town has made his life fucking hell. Just a total prick. He's leaving anyway, after being on the job for less than a year so WHY does he care what my dad does? He's micro managing and it's really totally screwed up. My dad has been on the force here for roughly 24 years and he's been chief for around 20 of them. Believe it or not he's the longest running chief that's ever been in this town. This prick comes in and tries to take over. Well he just had enough. He'll stay acting chief until they find a replacement and then he'll probably go back to being on patrol. Just really sucks. He used to enjoy his job until this fucking asshat came here. Just really sucks. *Really* sucks.

Piper's eye is better. Not gone but better. I don't think it'll completely go away.

Bug will be leaving mid June for her dad's house till mid August. I'm going to be one lonely girl. I think I need a hobby. Although I did just get my bike fixed. I also walked the dogs yesterday. Poor Piper was crying half way through the walk she was so tired. She has to basically run to keep up with Molly. I tried to pick her up but with all the snow melting she was MUD. I had to give them both a bath when we got home. Now THAT was fun especially considering they both hate them. I wanted to get Molly shaved down for the summer and do you THINK I can get her in to get groomed? No. Not till July. Are you kidding me!? WTF!? I might as well figure out how to do it and do it myself for the love of God!

Bug has bumps on her legs. I think it's "chicken skin" but I'm not sure. I have to take her to the Dr to have it looked at. I'm also going to get my cholesterol tested. I think I should. Almost every single person in my family (parents, grandparents, aunts & uncles) has high cholesterol. There is a free clinic next month but why not just get it checked now ya know? Why wait. I bet a lot oculd change in a month.

So I'm doing the Nivea Challenge. I saw a commercial the other day on TV so I thought, why not? It certainly can't hurt. Now I can't say that I'm following it to a "t" but I'm doing a good job. The other day called for 30 min of cardio or something so I figured, I'll box on the Wii. Man do my arms and back hurt. Not really hurt but I definately can feel it. Boxing is an excellent work out. I'm actually getting muscle back in my arms. Good Lord why did I let myself go?

George's neice has been back in the hospital since Friday or Sat. We found out on Sunday (see, started off the week I'm telling you). She wont' eat again. I believe they left today to bring her to yet another hospital that is supposed to be one of the best in the nation. I really hope she can get the help that she needs. Poor girl. She's so pretty and smart and just has so much going for her. Now she'll be roughly 20 hours away. You don't know if you should hug her bc you feel so bad or slap her for being so dumb. Maybe I'll just squeeze her really tight.

I painted all weekend. Kennebunkport Green (Ben Moore) down the hallway and then on 1 wall in the living room that connects to the hallway. The rest of the walls are Concord Ivory. I think I'll get some reddish colored curtains or a swag or something to brighten it up and give it some accent. There really was nothing else to do in the snow storm that really didn't happen so I was trying to prepare myself.

Ugh and my arch enemy is moving back. The Snaggletooth bitch has decided to divorce her husband who has supported her white trash ass all these years. Of course she waited till he retired from the Air Force so she could get half of his money. Dumb bitch. She already has a boyfriend up here yet she's living in FL. Hmmm.. wonder how THAT happened? Yet *I* am the homewrecking whore!? Go figure on that one. Those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Funny thing is that I think she's dating the guy that she dated in high school, that I ended up dating a couple years ago. I think I talked about the psycho on my old blog. Anyway, she was calling him when I was dating him and her hubby was stationed in Korea for a year. Imagine that!? So through the grape vine I heard that she is moving back as soon as their son is out of school. Wonderfuckingful. Ugh. Seriously I'm sure that she and the 38 year old GNCT will have nothing better to do with their time this summer than attempt to make my life hell. GROW THE FUCK UP PEOPLE!!!!! Seriously, 38 years old and you ahve nothign better to do w/ your time than pick on your boyrfriend ex girlfriend?! What makes it sadder is that Snaggletooth and I were best friends from the time we were 7 years old until she fucked me over a few years ago and I washed my hands of her. Yet NOW she decides that SHE hates ME?! Uh, I didn't do anything wrong. Man, some people really live in their own worlds don't they? Dumbasswasteoflifehomewreckinggolddigginggoodfornothingdrunkenwhore. And yes that's how I really feel. I could go on and on if I really wanted to.

Ok I'm done. I need to go do something now. I'm not sure what. I had planned on stopping here and telling you that I didn't have time to really write and fill you in on the fuckedupness of people's lives in my life right now but well... you know me and I just cant' stop once I start.

I sure as hell hope you all are doing better than the others right now!

Rock On.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Is this my life??? WHY??????

What's it been now? 3 posts in 3 days? You lucky devils! Me? Not so lucky... I don't want any smart ass comments left either. Only pity for me.

(Edited for my approval)





More detailed local map tracking!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Snow. We have more fucking snow! Can you believe it?! While the rest of the nation is enjoying new leaves on the trees and birds and all of the happy stuff that comes with Spring. But no. We're stuck w/ MORE snow. After dear 'ol Mother Nature teasing us with 60 degree weather for a few days she springs this shit on us. Ugh. I'm thinking it's karma from me making fun of Vixen's winter last year. Damn it I haven't even read any good stories about PC's driving this year. Ugh. Sucks. And I'm sure it'll only get better. I think we're supposed to get more throughout the week. Fabulous.

2 days in a row! Can you believe it!? I also followed my exercises yesterday too. I'm 2 for 2!!! Yeah!!! I'm not sore today either which is usually the case and then I just give up. I'm a wimp like that. :) One owie and I'm all done.

Alright, time for me to put a little religion in my child's life and have an hour of "me" time. Haven't heard from George, no clue where he is. Oh well.

Later gators!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


My life is boring.

I actually got my ass on the treadmill the day before yesterday. Imagine that?! I keep seeing commericals for the Nivea Challenge so while I was bored yesterday at work I pulled it up on the net and printed it out. We'll see how it goes. Monday is supposed to be a rest day anyway so after I'm done w/ this I'll get started on the bikini thing. (Ya right!) With these stretch marks?

Vet visit today. Molly is 25lbs and lyme and heartworm negative and Piper is 10.15lbs. Little porker. She was just 9.4 a week ago.

That's all I got.

The end.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Double Midgets

So today Bug and I were at a surprise bday party for my Uncle & cousin. As another relative is leaving and saying good-bye to Bug she said something regarding the two of us to which Bug replied "That's because we're double midgets". Huh!? My other Aunt starts laughing and says "No honey, I said you and your mom are like the double-mint twins". Oh out of the mouths of babes....

She also informed me the other day after one of the dogs came home and had a picker in her fur that pickers are in fact fruit and not a weed... I've tried to find this information on the net but when I google "picker" I just can't seem to find what I'm looking for and I can't for the life of me think of another name for a picker....

Oh and french fries are "rectangular prisms"... Who knew? Oh the things I learn from a 7 year old.

George bought her a new bike today. That was nice of him. I was trying to be slick and put one over on good ol WalMart but they were having none of it. I bought a new bike last fall which after riding it twice, the equivelent of 2 blocks, Bug and I were on the porch one day at the old house and out of no where heard "PSSSSSS", ya the tube inside the tire broke. Wonderful. Changing the gears never worked that great either so I figured I'd just bring it back and exchange it right? No. Not right. 90 days is all they give you. Well, who thinks of those things in the middle of winter with 4 feet of snow on the ground? So I did what any good WalMart loving person would do and told them that I got it as an Easter gift. Uh... that didn't go over well. The guy claimed that it was sun faded etc. I really don't know how that could be since it was stored in a garage but whatever. He also said the bikes went on clearence around Dec-Jan. Uh.. oops (que crickets) Hmmm.. they just gave it to me but my mom is a bargain shopper so maybe she found it then and just gave it to me? Ya that's it! Wow! I'm such a bad girl. I have a daughter going through catachism and learning right from wrong and here's her mom lying through her teeth about a bike. Well it could have been worse I guess!

Oh yes the reception. Pretty uneventful other than the fact that my friends step dad ended up passing away that morning around 215am. She was also in the wedding so she got virtually no sleep at all that night. Friday she was in her hometown about an hour away visiting them, they decided to admit him into the hospital around 330p, she came back for the rehersal and the dinner and wetn back to see him. As I said he passed that morning. This is the same girl that I believe I told you about before, she'd just lost her dad in January. Very sad. Oh ya, so the rest of the night was fun. I drank a lot but I didn't think I did. I only had one shot. I really try to stay away from them bc nothing good can EVER come of me and liquor. I need to stick to beer and only beer. Anyway, I promised George on our way that I wouldnt' flash anyone anything that night.... And I didn't. Ok well I did fall on my way out of the bar at 215am and might have flashed something but that was not intentional. Anyway, so we all had a great time. Everyone got along. I congratulated the dickhead ex's new girlfriend on her pregnancy right after the ceremony. She's a great girl I really like her. Very personable etc. She thanked me. So later that night after the wedding party and everyone headed to the bar I congratulated him. Uh... that didn't go over so well. "I still don't fucking like you". (me) *giggle "What?" (him) "I still dont' fucking like you". Oh ok then. Hahahha! I laughed. It was funny. He is SUCH a miserable asshole. Wow. He'll make a TERRIFIC father. *rolling eyes over and over again. Poor girl stuck with that prick. I hope she knows what the fuck she's in for! Ugh. Dumbass. That was about the extent of my fun that night... Till the next morning........

We got home from the bar and George picked out some leftover pizza from the fridge bc he was hungry. I had to pee so I did my business, took off all my clothes and put on my robe (it was SO much more comfortable then the get up that I had on). I decided that I was tired so I laid down on the floor in the computer room which is right across the hall from the kitchen where he was standing. I told him I might be sick (when I laid down I ended up w/ floor spins) so he threw me this big ass blue bowl just in case I needed it. Next thing I know I wake up at 830am, STILL on the floor, one dog on each side of me, in my robe- NO blanket at all!!! I got up and prayed to the porcelin Gods a bit and then let the dogs out, brushed my teeth and crawled into bed. He woke up and looks at me, looks down at himself, looks at me again and said "whose shirt am I wearing?". I looked at him and said "Uh, I think that's mine..." Then he did it. He sat up and I thought I was going to piss myself. There, on his back in big gold letters says "Victoria Secret"!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With a pretty little v-neck to accentuate! OMG now that was a pants pisser if I've ever had one!!! (Luckily I'd just peed!) I started laughing, he was laughing... I have NO idea how he'd gotten that shirt. He asked if it was in his drawer and I said no it was in my pajama drawer. He must've been a bit disoriented when he went to bed. Hahaha! Now THAT my friends is funny ass shit. I couldn't tell the story at all this week without breaking into tears. Dumb drunk.

Weather's been hit and miss. On Monday night we'd gotten between 6-8" but a town just an hour from us got 25.6inches!!!!!! Can you imagine!? I thought my friend was joking when she said she couldn't get her Ford Escape out of the garage and that she'd shoveled for an hour and a half. Now that is insane. It was 60 yesterday and close to that the day before so luckily it's almost gone. Ugh. I cannot WAIT for spring. Although I'll take 50 over 20 degrees any day.

I bought myself a Spot Bot today. I'm so excited. With a new puppy that's not quite housebroken this outta come in handy! A friend of mine loves hers and I read reviews on the net so I cannot wait to use it. Who would have thought I'd have gotten so excited about a freaking vaccumme/ deep cleaner thing!?

Speaking of the puppy, she's twice the size of her brother from the same litter. Oh and last Sat (I may have told you this last week) but she developed cherry eye. It's ugly. Looks like a hemmeroid coming out of the corner of her poor little eye. Brought her to the vet on Tuesday bc I thought she also had conjunctavitis, which she does, so they gave me some ointment to put in them. It seems to be helping a bit but we'll see what happens. The vet did say that less then 20% of cases will go away on their own so we either leave it or when she gets spayed they can push it back in, sew it up and hope that it doesnt' come back out. We have plenty of time to decide what to do so we'll just go with it for now. Poor little thing. Thank God it doesnt' bug her!

From the words of Porky Pig himself--- that's all folks. I'm going to play with my new Spot Bot. Oddly enough I'm looking forward to cleaning something. I hate cleaning!

Oh and I'm getting chubby so I have to start exercising. When I brought this up to George the other day he said "honey, you have a small everything but you've always been a little chunky in the middle". WTF!? Thanks asswipe! Although I guess I can't knock him, I brought it up after a comment was made to me on Friday and he was only being honest. At least it gives me some incentive to get off my ass. Mojito- can I go to your ab class with you??? Will you hold my hand too?

Ta ta bitches!