Sunday, October 21, 2007


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So I woke up this morning wondering how they make maraschiino cherries. No idea WHY I would wake up and think of this... No cherries off of a tree have ever tasted like the little ones in the glass jars or the ones tha top my ice cream.. Of course I had to look it up on the internet. Odd.

Two posts from me in less than 24 hours!? Wow!

We went to the pumpkin patch yesterday and got some pumpkins. Of course I promised to carve them today at some point. Yeah. Lucky me. I actually hate carving pumpkins. The first one or two-- fine but I got FOUR of them yesterday. Why in the hell would I do that?! Maybe you'll get lucky and I'll post pics of our masterpieces later!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

3 weeks

Wow! It's been 3 weeks since I posted last. I suck. I realize this. I used to do so good on my last blog but I guess I sort of... fell out of touch w/ it? IDK what the fuck you'd call it....

So let's see what's happened over the past 3 weeks that I can catch you up on...

T2 is moving away. Like--- FAR AWAY. HOURS & HOURS away!!! This will happen in approximately a week or so. I'm excited yet I'm not. I feel bad that she feels she's been forced to leave. Then again, on the other hand, she has no family and a handful of friends here so it's not like there's anything really keeping her here. Like I told George, I firmly believe the only reason she stayed after he moved out was to try to win him back.

That didn't work....

He/they officially filed on October 1st. YEAH!!!!! Sounds childish and petty but I am SOOOO excited. Hopefully it'll only take the 60 days they say it will by law. Who knows? She's leaving. Besides that, it's not like he's the first man going through a divorce that has a girlfriend right? Right. So yeah me, yeah him. And good for her for getting a new job and moving. I know for a fact that she's sick and tired of hearing all the bullshit about he and I swarming through town. It's insane! Like people have nothing better to talk about than the two of us. Personally, I think we're pretty boring but I'm thinking we're going to make the front page of the local newspaper pretty damn soon!

Our first "outing" will be Halloween. Who knows if she'll still be here or not... I'm not sure. I do believe that this week will be her final week here at her job. She is planning on leaving by next week. George is happy bc he gets his house back!!! Good for him! He's been staying at his parents cottage and I know he's really looked forward to moving back into the house. This is both good and bad for me. I know once he's back in there he won't be wanting to stay here... :( That sucks. Then again, if I'd just gotten my house back, I can't say as I'd really want to leave it either. I asked if I could bring my dog over.. He didn't sound too enthusiastic about it so I guess we'll just have to wait and see. T2 got a dog, which he doesn't really like. I told him I'd keep her off of the furniture.. We'll just have to see who wins. :) I'm guessing over time I'll win him over. I don't think he can tell me no.... :) Oh who am I kidding!? Of COURSE he can!!!!!!! :) Hahaha. I guess time will tell.

Oh anyway, Halloween. No, wait. He bowls w/ a league on Thursday nights. Last Thursday (as in like 2 Thursdays ago) I met them down at the bar for a couple and then headed up to the bowling alley with them for a couple more. APPARENTLY bc we're *SO* interesting, it was rumored that we exchanged "I love you"'s for everyone to hear. Uh.. no. That never happened. See how shit gets around in this po-dunk town? Funny. I did however, give him a little peck on the lips as I was leaving. Anyway, met them up there again this week and said really loud in front of everyone "I LOVE YOU HONEY!!!!". We both thought it was funny shit. Anyway, he was really brave and kissed me while I was there and before I left. So... ya, I'm guessing that we're "outing" now instead of after she leaves. Oh well, might as well just prove GNCT right as well as everyone else's suspicions right?! Fuck them all.

Oh yes, Halloween. Sorry for the tangent again. Three of us are dressing up as Bumblebees aka "Bumblebabes". We each have a different bee costume. I'd put the pics of them up here but unfortunately I think the only one that will look even remotely like the pic (if not better) is L. J & I will suck. MINE royally sucks. I'm highly disappointed in it. I knew before I got it that witih the exception of the hair, I look nothing like the chick modeling the costume. Fuck. Oh well. I will MAKE it work I guess. I need something to suck in the sperm pouch, the extra flab o the hips and give me the boobs of a super model.. That's not too much to ask is it???? Fairy Godmother????

So this was all a big secret from G since he was making such a big deal out of it. It just turned into something funny. We showed every person he worked with except him. Well Friday I came up w/ a GREAT idea so I had to tell him that we're Bumblebabes and he should be the "Babekeeper". How fucking funny is that shit? He can dress up in kahki (yes boring I know) with a big net etc. Hey, he wanted to make his own costume and it's down to the nitty gritty. Someone also suggested that he get a whip to keep us in line. I said that I needed one for a stinger! :) Then again, I do still have the cat of 9 tails from last year... I suggested getting us collars and leashes but I'm not too sure how the girls will go for that. :) I know I'd have a lot of damn fun w/ it later though!!!

My fucking car has been broken for over a week. My uncle was supposed to order a part on Thursday when he went to work. I thought it would've been here Friday but I haven't heard from him at all. Ugh. So I'm STILL carless. I'm telling you when I get it, I'm driving it STRAIGHT to a dealership and trading the bitch in. I'm all done w/ that shit.

I have a chest cold too. Had it for about a week. I just can't cough anything up. It's tight and hurts like a son of a bitch. Ugh.

G & I went to spend the night out of town last Friday. We had a good time. It was nice to spend the night with him alone. No worrying about who is driving past my house, no kids, no pets, no nothing,. Just the two of us. We went to dinner and then met up with some friends of ours and had some drinks and then back to the hotel. A good time had by all. I'd called in that Friday as I wasnt' feeling well. Thursday I'd been at the bowling alley but I'd only had maybe 4 drinks and shot of lemondrop so I KNEW I wasn't hung over. I didn't know what the hell was up. Just didn't feel right. Crossed my mind that he might have knocked me up! OMG can you imagine!? I wasn't really "late"... yet. I was supposed to start that week and just didn't... But this also happened last month too. Like you care to know about all this eh? Oh well. It's my blog. Anyway, finally felt better and was able to eat something before we left. I felt better as the night wore on. Saturday I felt fairly normal when I got up but grabbed and pg test when we stopped at Target to get our crap anyway. Just in case you know. Took it Sunday morning and it was negative. YEAH!!!! Needless to say the last couple of months w/ my body being fucked up, as I've assured him that this is normal for me, we've still been a little freaked out. Oh well. I'm not willing to give up the sex so what do you do? We've talked about it and if it's in the cards, then it's in the cards. We're two responsible (ok, semi-respnsible) adults and we know what we're doing. At least we're conscience of it. :) And I take my pill religiously in the morning! :)

YA, I know you wanted to know all about that huh?

Well, I suppose. It's boring o'clock on a Saturday an while SOME of you are out having a GREAT time watching BO I'm stuck home doing nothing like usual. :) (G's gone to hunting camp.) I'll try to update more and if not, I'll at least stick some pics up from Halloween! If I forget remind me ok!?

Later bitches!