Saturday, August 30, 2008

Wow! Twice in one week!!!

Ah, the joys of shopping for school supplies... That's what I'll be doing today. Notebooks, pencils, pencil sharpeners, rulers, glue etc. Yeah. I'm *so* excited. Nothing like fighting a gazillion people in Walmart for what you need. The pure thought of the full parking lot makes me want to vomit. Not to mention all of the college kids that are now back as well. God I hate shopping. I take that back-- I hate shopping, unless it's for my house.

I'm still not sleeping. I'm on about day #10. I wake up around 4am, wide awake, can't sleep. My mind isn't really racing about anything. I guess I sort of wake up after a dream, but it's a different dream every night. Idk... Just odd. I hate not sleeping. Must have too much crap going on in my life.

Speaking of crap. Ugh. I am supposed to attend a bday party at the lake house for my boyfriends sister on Sunday. The only problem? I'm SURE the bad SIL will be there. I really shouldn't say "bad" as I don't know her well enough to judge her. Let's call her the judgemental SIL. The woman is married to George's brother and HATES me. Literally hates me. They live a little over an hour away from here, and I've only been in her presence maybe 3-4 times over the past year. I skipped Christmas at George's house bc of the fact that his divorce was fresh and I didn't want to make anyone uncomfortable even though I had already met the majority of the family. I know how much they liked his wife and how it was the first holiday w/o her etc. Not to mention Christmas Eve was being held in their house. So I opted to stay home and go to his house later after everyone was gone. So anyway, it's been a year since he left her and filed for divorce. I have seen the JSIL on Easter (I was invited but again, out of fear of making anyone uncomfortable I showed up later), she was still there when I got there. Funny story. Normally, as in this case I'm sort of viewed as the "outsider" so I keep my mouth shut about things and try not to speak up, call attention to myself, or get into a pissing match with anyone. I just suck it up. Well JSIL was going on and on about a cousin of mine, who also happens to be one of her good friends. She wasn't aware that said girl & I are related. She was going on and on about what a horrible marriage she has etc (like it was HER business to tell anyone to begin with even if it is true), and George's mom had asked her if any of the kids had graduated yet. She said no. Well I'd had enough of JSIL and her shit so I pipped up "Uh, actually S graduated 2 years ago and A graduates this year". OMG the look on her face was priceless!!!! Totally like "I cannot believe you just spoke to me, let alone CORRECTED me!!!". Oh inside I was hysterically laughing my ass off. Anyway, that was the last time she spoke "to" me. So fast forward to the 4th of July. I run into my cousin who was in town for the weekend, and we get to talking about JSIL. She told me that JSIL emailed her and told her that I "thought I knew it all", cousin says "well that's because SHE DOES!!!" and then proceeded to tell her that we're related etc. Hahahhahah!!!!! I f'n love it. Dumbass. Small town and she'll never get it. You just never know who is related around this place so watch who's back you stick the knife in! Anyway, I saw her again at a graduation party for a nephew and maybe that's it? So I guess I've only been around her a couple of times. Yet, not ONE single time has she or George's brother even said "hello" or acknowledged me. He has another SIL that lives here but doesn't like me much either. Funny bc last summer every time she saw me she'd be all nicey nice and say "hello" etc. Ugh. I hate two faced people. We see them more often than JSIL and I actually initiated a conversation w/ her the last time we were all together but whatever. Funny thing about her is that I had dated a guy a few years ago (I'd talked about him on the old blog) that lived an hour or so away-- well he proceeded to tell me about the affair that he had w/ said SIL! Nice huh!? Just another reason for her not to like me. I'm pretty sure that she knows that I know about their affair. Oh the tangled web we weave.

Oh so back to my dilemma. Sorry for the tangent... Bday party for his sister on Sunday... Last sat when we were out and he had too much to drink, we got into a conversation about his family. Brother & JSIL in particular. He had gone to camp to see brother & kids and I had found out later that one of his sisters and his parents had gone as well. I explained to him that he never asked Bug & I to go. He didn't have anything to say. I told him that I knew it was bc brother was there and he doesn't like me. He went OFF. Literally. He said something to the effect of "no they dont like you-- get over it". Umm... Wow! Holy slap in the face and punch to the gut! Although idk WHY I even felt that way having already known how Brother and JSIL felt about me. Why was I so insulted? Honestly I dont' think he and his brother have even had a conversation about me. I think it's just "understood" that they don't like me. Anyway, so I'm pretty sure since it's Labor Day weekend that they will be there tomorrow. Granted that he has a large family and I can avoid them like the plague but I also know that I'll be uncomfortable. In conversation recently he said that (when invited to a family function) I always ask who will be there. He's right. I do. He doesn't get it. I explained to him that I ask bc I need to make sure if they're there I can get in the frame of mind to be around people that dont' like me. I think that's fair, don't you? I mean, to be around 3 people (brother & 2 SIL's, I get along w/ the other brother) that don't like you and shoot daggers at you??? Not only that but these people don't even KNOW me!!! They have NEVER given me a chace nor have they even taken the opportunity to say hello to me. Or "how are ya?". Nothing. Not once. They simply hate me bc they view me as being the reason for the demise of George's marriage. It was NOT my fault. None of it was MY fault. Apparently they need someone to blame so they blame me. I guess it's easier than accepting the truth. They were good friends w/ the ex so I'm sure that's hard. I can understand that. I can understand that they probably feel they're betraying her if they even so much as talk to me but ugh.... How judgemental can people be??? *I* am being blamed and held accountable for something that *I* wasn't a part of!!! So idk. I guess I can put on the fake "I don't care" face when in reality they make me extremely uncomfortable, or I can just choose not to go. I had mentioned something to him last night about not being sure if I'm going or not. He didn't understand. Hey it's supposed to be nice out. IDK. It's on the lake etc which is great but I guess THEY are the only reasons that I'm considering not going. I know that Bug would have a GREAT time playing w/ the kids but... Ugh. Ignorant people. Maybe I'll be lucky and they'll have something else to do and wont' be there. Although it's sisters 40th birthday so I'm SURE they'll be there. Damn it.

My new gawdy ring that I love so much-- ya I'm allergic to it. Ugh. I figured that since it was a better quality silver I'd be ok. Ya, I'm not. I wore it for what? 3 days maybe? Last night it started. Little red itchy bumps all along the side of my finger. Sucks. I'd like to wear different jewelry other than the normal every day stuff that I wear but I can't for this reason. Once I had a necklace on that had a big red medallion sort of thing. The back was coated in silver and I had the biggest, ugliest rash on my chest from it in the following days. Apparently I can't even do "better" silver. Earrings-- even the hypoallergenic (or whatever they're called) ones- nope. Ears get red & itchy immediately. Sucks ass. I've learned that w/ earrings, as long as I'm only wearing them for a few hours, I can coat them in a layer of clear nail polish to form a barrier between my skin & the metal, otherwise I'm screwed.

I guess that's all I have for you today. I have to finish up my coffe, finish reading the news, hop in the shower and get my little butt in gear to start my day. I really should mow my lawn as it looks like a hay field. The leaves are starting to change already, which is so pretty but then makes me want to barf knowing that winter is just around the corner-- again. Already. Ew.

Have a great day my bitches.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

No HNT here

Been a while again huh? My life just isn't so interesting lately.

I picked up Bug on August 16th. I was soooooooo glad to see her!!! My little cousin (the one w/ all the surgeries- I think I've talked about her) and her mom drove down with me to get her. The girls are only 1.5 years apart and they get along so well. We took them to the Milwaukee Zoo (which is HUGE) as well as Chuck E Cheese bc little cousin had never been there before. Did a bit of school shopping (ew). In and out of the mall in less than an hour. Good enough for me. Ugh, I hate shopping.

The house bullshit is *almost* behind me. My renter/buyer has FINALLY gotten off his fucking ass after I reemed (or is it reamed???) him a new one. Some men are so fucking dumb. Honestly. He calls my cell phone AT WORK to say "uh... we have a problem". Ok. Define "we" and then tell me what the problem is. Well apparently there's a pipe in the basement that's leaking. Hmmm... part of me wanted to say "you dumb fuck, I gave you all the time in the world to sell your house before buying mine which has totally fucked me in the processes and now you want ME to fix your fucking pipe!?" See, had the paperwork been done months ago like I SHOULD have done- his problem, not mine. But since I guess I'm still technically his slum lord I should fix it. Yes? No? I dont fucking know. Anyway, so after this lovely news I ask him if he'd turned the paperwork I'd given him 2 weeks and 2 days prior, into his mortgage co yet. Guess what he said? NO! No, he hadn't turned it in!!!! Unreal. I have sat on this f'n house for almost a YEAR after he said he was going to buy it-- being NICE, hoping he could sell his other house in the meantime so he's not stuck with both (but it's ok for me to be apparently- I am so dumb). He KNEW I had to have the land contract on this house settled by October 1. Um ya. Roughly 33 days from now. Fucker. Needless to say after I went off on him he faxed it in as soon as he got to work. Honestly for a guy, he's useless. He also told me there was a "problem" with the paperwork. See, when you JUMP (yes I said JUMP) on part of the floor, the electricity goes out.... Hmmmm, I livd there for a year and a half with a small child, a dog, and a cat and it NEVER did that to me. Honestly I think I should just pull my pants down so he can just royally fuck me up the ass. Ugh. I guess this has taught me what I get for being nice and trying to help someone. Fucker.

I eBay'd myself a new ring. A girlfriend of mine has a Lia Sopia ring that I love. Gawdy as it sort of is I love it. I steal it from her every chance I get but by the end of the night she's always making me give it back. So unfair. Well so I decided that I should buy myself one. Uh ya. only one problem- it's RETIRED. Ugh. Well since they blocked me from MS at work I had to do something, so I searched ebay till I found the sucker. It's now on my finger. Shiny & new, gawdy as ever bc it's honestly too big for my finger but I love it anyway. The picture doesn't even do it justice to be honest. If I didn't hate my hands so much I'd take a picture of it on my finger but I don't think so. :)

In other news, it's Halloween time again. Yes I realize it's far too early to even be thinking about Halloween but I love it therefore I am. Get over it. Here's a view of last year-- Ok nevermind, you're not getting it bc I can't get them to upload. However, we were Bee's. Yes black & yellow bumblebees. The guy's made their costumes and they were freaking hilarious. Honestly they looked gay. It was great. This year we're going German. Yep, St Pauli's girls and guys wearing Lederhosen's. Outta be hot. :) I found a kick ass beer mug purse too. I scoured the inet today to find some hot shorts that say "Got Beer?" but do you THINK I can find them anywhere? No. Damn it.

Ok so apparently I got the pics to upload.... Hmmm

The dogs are crying, apparently they need to urinate. Better to do that outside I'm thinking...

Hopefully we'll catch up soon! Later bitches!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Monthly updates?

Boy I thought I'd have a lot of time to blog while Bug was gone but that's not looking like the case huh?

I think I come here to bitch. Honestly. Bc I'm on the verge of a rant right now.

I fucking hate men! Especially men that have no fucking respect at all! Why do we stay with them? Glutton for punishment I guess. It's the only thing I can come up with. It sucks when you love someone *so* much and they dont' respect you. That is the conclusion that I have come to.

George is on vacation all of this week including Thurs & Friday of last week. Last Thursday he called me when he got home like I'd asked. AT 4AM!!!! WTF was he doing out till 4am you may ask? Oh he went to an after bar party. Yes ladies & gentleman, an after bar party and no, he's not 21, 22 or even 23. Whatever.

So we get everythign cleared up on Friday that needed to be cleared up and have a good night. Sat rolls around and my cousin & hubby are going boating. After all it was HOT and a *perfect* day for boating. George doesn't want to go. Imagine that? He has to wrok on the deck at his house and help his neice study for some exams... I asked him if he could do it the next day... no, he told her he would help her on Saturday. Fine. Whatever. However I made the POINT to bring to his attention that if the guys called to go golfing he'd jump at the chance. Nooooo I was wrong. Wrong wrong wrong bc he had prior commitments and he had to follow through. Uh huh. So I took the dogs to the lake instead and stayed there for a couple/few hours with them and let them run around, swim etc. He couldn't change anything bc his niece had asked him the day before to help her on Sat. Hmmm... I do believe I was at lunch when his sister asked him to help said neice on Wed. Neice finally called him on Friday asking for help on Sat. Why he didn't help her sooner when his sister asked? Niece didn't call him. Hmmm.... so that FUCKS my weekend. I also brought to his attention that he could have helped her on Friday had he not stayed out till 4am so he was nice and hung over the following day and completely useless. I brought to his attention the fact that we are ALWAYS doing what HE wants to do and very rarely what *I* want to do. Bug has been gone for 6 weeks. Do you know how many things we've done together like besides going to the bar after his fucking softball games? Ya, we wetn to dinner together ONCE. Just the two of us. One fucking time in 6 weeks. This weekend we have his company picnic which he has to be at since he's in charge of the games etc. So this weekend is shot Oh ya and softball tournaments on Sunday. Next weekend I'm leaving on Friday to pick Bug up. So ya, everything is fucking shot as far as plans for anything go. A little too late now isn't it?

So let's fast forward shall we? I had a family picnic yesterday which was nice. George came with me. Today, since he's on vacation he slept in and then worked on the deck. After dinner he was supposed to go over and help said neice study again. I called him on my way home from work and got cut off in a certain place in the road. I figured I'd call him back when I got home. Well then I had a phone call regarding house stuff and was on the phone forever. I get off of that call and see that I have a vm from G. I listen and call him back. Now keep in mind earlier he had wanted me to come over for dinner etc. I cant' remember what the message said, probably bc I blocked it out. I call him back and he rattles off about 7 people that are golng GOLFING!!!!!! Imagine my fucking suprise!? He was obviously riding in the vehicle with someone so I was able to put ti through that I was *not* amused by this in the LEAST. So I ask him what happened to helping niece w/ studying tonight? Oh, she said they can do it tomorrow instead. Really? REALLY!? Hmmm, imagine that. It was *that* fucking easy. *THAT* easy to switch days. Hmmm.. He can do that to go golfing but not to spend time w/ me. FUCK THAT. FUCK HIM. I fucking called him on this on Saturday when he said he couldn't go and I said he'd drop what he was doing to go golfing. So... I have a few days left bc Bug comes home and virtually no weekends but hey, obviously the guys and fucking golf is more important right? I'm so fucking mad I'm ready to go burn the mother fucking golf bag he bought me for my birthday. WHY would you buy someone a golf bag who DOESN'T GOLF!?!!???! Yes I'd talked about going this year but does that mean I want a golf bag?! Ugh. UGH!!!! Fuck. I'm pissed. no fucking respect AT ALL. None.

I obviously need to get off my ass and find a boyfriend that would rather spend time with me when I have almost no responsiblity whatsoever instead of doing whatever HE wants to go ALL THE TIME. I'm really sick of the "I'm the baby of the famil w/ 5 brothers & sisters and I'm sused to getting my way" syndrom that he has going on. WTF did I do to deserve this shti!?

Ok so I'll try to post something happier and upbeat another day I'm too pissed off to even get into the details of anything else that has happened in the past month.