Thursday, February 28, 2008

I shall call her Piper

I've decided, why not? Molly needs a playmate and gets along with every single other dog she's ever come into contact with so... yes I'm getting her. George and I don't live together so he has to say.

So... I (think) I shall call her Piper.

Funny thing, I was on the phone w/ a friend that works in a vet clinic. She was telling me about a cute little puppy that came in named Flo. Yes I was going to name her Flo. Molly & Flo...

Till I remembered that she's red. That would just be soooo wrong...

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I have a freaking dilemma. Not a very big dilemma but a dilemma nonetheless. I want another dog. I'd prefer it to be older, fixed, housebroken etc. My Molly is 13 months old and is just nice and easy now. It's like going from having a baby to a 6 year old. Anyway, I have been searching and searching through like the driving distance states, because God knows there's nothing in this place. Anway, I found a Brussels Griffon. Now these are ugly dogs. They remind me of Ewoks. But now it's me so WHY would *I* have a normal dog? I have a naked cat. Well used to have two but I had to put one down. Freaks the hell out of anyone that walks in the door. (I'm too lazy to post pictures today).

So... I found an Ewok dog that is 5 years old, retired show dog and it's FREE!!!! FREE! A free dog like that is damn hard to come by! The only thing is that I'd have to have her spayed. Granted that I wouldn't NOT have her spayed. I deal with my own monthly shit why would I want to deal w/ a dogs ya know? Anyway, I've been searching for another "Molly". She's a Cavalier King Charles/ Cocker Spaniel mix. She is beautiful! (Her designer name is a Cockalier.) I have looked ALL over for one. Do you THINK I can find one? Hell no. The ones that I do find are like HOURS and STATES away from me. Damn it. Anyway, I finally found some that are like 10 1/2 hours away from me. Only their puppies.

Last week I stopped at the bar w/ George and some of his co-workers and he tells me about a co-worker that brought baby chihuahua's into work. They're for sale. One was taken (and being delivered which was why they were there). Now George is not an animal person. He's really not. He means well but just not an animal lover. He likes his life the way it is and a dog or whatever would only complicate it more. Ya whatever. So anyway, he's telling me about these puppies and how cute they are etc. Before he like forbid me to get a chi bc they're the ugliest dogs. Again-- whatever. So his co-worker goes to get his camera and shows me the pics of the pups. My heart was sold. I WANTED one of them in the WORST way. He was all for it (I'm sure the alcohol helped) and said we could go look at them on Sat. The more I thought about it Saturday morning, now Molly is about 25lbs and this chi would be smaller than her head. Does that make sense? Would they even be able to play together? The dog would be smaller than my cat. Ok, I decided it wasn't a wise choice. (Saved me $400 which was nice.)

Ok so back to the Cockalier puppies. Oh wait no, I was emailing these people back about the Brussels Griffon, I've been waiting all day to hear back from them to see how big she is etc. Well in the meantime I get an meail back from the girl w/ the Cockalier puppies that's 10 1/2 hours away. I had emailed her to see how far she was from a place that my boss is visiting next Monday/Tuesday. She's an hour and a half away BUT her neice is in the hospital where my boss will be and has been traveling there quite a bit. UGH!!!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?!!??! So I finally sucked it up and called her. I got her boyfriend as she was still at work. There were TEN puppies in the litter and I could hear them in the background!!!!!!!!!! FUCK ME!!!!!!!!! Made me want one even more. Do I want to go through the housebreaking again? Not really. Molly was HORRIBLE to housebreak. HORRIBLE. As in like it took me about 10 months. WTF?! Anyway, these puppies are only $250. I paid like $400 for Molly, so in my eyes it's quite a deal. Right!? I called George and told him about my dilemma and he's like all anti-dog now and doens't think I should get one or wait till the cat dies and then get one (Mork is 3 years old-- lots of life left in him). He HATES the cat. Like seriously HATES the cat. But you know, we dont' live together and I'm not getting rid of him so whatever.

Ok, so here are the questions I'm asking myself--

Do I want to housebreak again? What do I do when I have Molly outside of the kennel all day long and have to leave the puppy in the kennel because I'm housebreaking her? Do I section off a portion of the house that has tile and leave them in there?

Do I spend the $250 on her if it all works out and have my boss bring her back for me? I could really use the money on something else but I think Molly needs a playmate and I'd rather get it now than the summertime bc then she'll be half ass housebroken by then and it'll be easier to leave her home when I'm out galavanting bc its summertime.

George doesn't want me to get her. Doesnt' think I need another one, one is good enough. What do you think? Is two better than one? Or is it me "thinking" that she needs a playmate?

Ugh. I'm stuck and I have less than a week to decide!!!!! Granted that no, George and I do NOT live together so ti's MY house and his opinion really shouldn't matter but he keeps giving me reasons as to WHY I dont need another one.

What to do? What to do?


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Where have you been??? Be advised I'm long winded today!

Ugh I'm here. What a year this has been so far. Death. Just like my year started out last year, it's happening again this year. Only not to me but to my friends. About a month ago my friends Dad passed away. He was an alcoholic for many years and had been sober for 4. Just long enough to regain a relationship with his children and his grandchildren. Unfortunately he didn't quit soon enough. It ultimately killed him. I felt horrible listening to him tell us how much fluid they sucked out of him. First it was monthly, then bi-weekly. You could tell the end was near. His face was still so thin but the rest of his body so extremely bloated. My friend was oblivious to this. I dont' think she knew he was quite at the point he was at and of course he didn't tell her. To make matters worse, about a week, maybe two weeks after the funeral her step dad had gotten sick so he went to the Dr. They sent him to a Dr a few hours away to run some tests etc. At first they thought it was pancreotic (spelling?) cancer, but then determinded that it was lung cancer. It has already spread to his other organs, yet he's opting for chemo. I could understand that if they hadn't given him a time frame already. Three to six months. And he's putting himself through chemo. Why? Why would someone do that to themselves? I just don't understand. If I'm going to die, I want pain meds to keep me comfortable and I want to live my last days to the fullest. Make ammends with anyone that I need to make ammends with and just do it all. Everything that I was never able to do. Live it up ya know? Instead, he is choosing to be sick from the chemo. Hell, chemo alone will kill you... Then again, this is HIS life we're talking about and not mine.

Last Monday another friend of mine, her mom brought her dad down to Green Bay for some tests. Her dad has been very sick for quite some time. He has congestive heart failure, emphysemia, they had also been treating him for diabetes for years which they later determined he didn't have! Can you imagine!? He is always in and out of the local hospital. Probably once a month he's admitted for a few days at a time. However he's gotten really bad since September. I would say he's been admitted once every couple of weeks. Anyway, her mom brought him down on Monday for some tests. I'm not exactly sure what. I think they were supposed to come home on Tuesday or Wednesday. Something went wrong. Very, very wrong. This summer when he was in the hospital here they OD'd him on morophine. Well, I shouldnt' really say OD'd but it made him very, very sick so they had to transfer him to a bigger hospital about an hour and a half away. Well, this same thing happened last week to him. He'd gotten very sick. Her mom was alone with him. L had planned on heading down there but her sister went down first and told her to wait at home. It sounded like he was doing better. This was Wednesday. Or was it Tuesday? Either way, her sister called and they left. It's about a 3 hour drive from here to get there so anything can heppen in that amount of time. They got there late. They'd determined that his kidneys had completely shut down. From the morophine. They were just too weak to handle it. So what do you do? You have this man who's kidneys have shut down, sure you could do dialysis but for how long? A transplant would have killed him for sure. The rest of his body would have been FAR to weak to handle that. He finally fell asleep around 9pm. The next morning he still hadn't woken up. The Dr told them that he probably wouldn't. L called me to tell me the news. I was just heartbroken. She calls back a couple of hours later and says that after she hung up the phone with me he was in bed trying to eat!!!!! Go figure! Baffling. Anyway, her other sister lives in Indiana but was out in PA at a meeting. Of course she'd driven out there so she was on her way driving to WI. She finally got there that night very late. Again, he was out of it but still holding on. They were told that nornally a person will pass 3-7 days after kidney failure. Saturday was day 3. She finally called saying that he wasn't going to wake up. They were all able to say their goodbyes on Friday, as was he. So Saturday they decided to take him off of all his meds besides his oxygen and main meds and disconnect his defibulator. He had signed a DNR anyway so it's what he would have wanted. The stubborn ol Finlander hung on for HOURS! They could nto figure out what he was waiting for. L took a ride and got her daughter, she brought P back go the hospital to say goodbye to Grandpa and literally as soon as she left the room he passed. He was waiting for his little girl. God even now that tears me up. She was just the light of his life. His heart and soul. The poor thing just didn't understand. She thought that if she'd have stayed w/ Papa a while longer that he wouldn't have passed. Trying ot explain to a 10 year old that he WAITED for her is hard. Ugh. but just so touching. So since he was about 3 hours away they weren't able to get him until today. The visitation and funeral are set for Thursday and Friday. So tiring. Now it'll be back to waiting for J's step dad to pass. Poor girls. I just cannot imagine going through that. I know we all do at some point but how heart wrenching especially when they're all so young. J's dad was only 61 maybe, L's dad is 63 and I have no idea how old J's step dad is. Not very old, that much I can tell you. And then she has to worry about her mom. She was a nurse for many years but developed a seizure condition and she's not supposed to drive and there is no way she'll be able to live on her own. Poor girls. Sometimes I wish I could preform miracles but then again it's all a part of life and what makes us strong.

What else? Oh the haircut. Yep, chopped it off. I dont really have any better pics right now but I'll post the ones from the day I had it cut. I was also sick with the flu. As wrong as it is I knew if I cancelled that appt I'd NEVER reschedule it bc I'd chicken out. I'm happy with it. It's something different. It's hair, it'll always grow back right?

Fuck. Ok I guess I'm not posting any pics of anythign right now. I can't even use spell check. Ugh. Sorry for the typo's! :) I'll have to post pics later.

I'm FREEZING!!!! You CANNOT even being to imagine the amount of snow we have up here this year. Seriously, it SUCKS. SUCKS! It's insane. The worst winter in the 6 years I've been back here. At least maybe the lake level will be up this summer. It was the lowest last year in like 80 years or something like that.

Well I suppose I can't think of anything else to yack your ear off about (ok, your eyes) so I suppose I should go toss another load of clothes in the washer. Doesn't that sound like fun?

Ok I was able to save and the add them so here they are. A before and then after. Horrible pics but you get the idea! :) I was sick and then started to think that I was pregnant! Thankfully, it was a case of the flu. I've never been so happy to have the FLU in my life!!! :)

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Chop, chop, chop

The hair will be gone at 9am tomorrow morning. I need a change. Last time I did this was over 6 years ago when I left Bug's dad. Can't tell you what my reason is now other than I need a change... Hopefully I don't regret it!

Wish me luck!!!