Thursday, March 3, 2011


Alright, I'm already bored w/ the "day" stuff. I give up. It's boring me.

I need a vacation. Like a "real" vacation. Away from here. I have options but we'll see. An old co-worker of mine moved to Vancouver and wants to rent a car and drive from there to San Diego in June. This would be the *ultimate* vacation for me. Ok, maybe not ultimate but it's something thats on my Bucket List. Someting I have always wanted to do. I think it'd be gorgeous.

Well, I see I didn't post this yesterday. How did I manage to forget to hit "post"? Oh.. now that I scroll down I see I have an error. Nice.

I donated blood today. After getting further in the process than last time I finally got into the "Bloodmobile" and told the girls the story of the last time I tried to donate... Um.. bad decision. Yet they said that had I not told them & I'd have donated they'd have had to destroy it bc I probably have a card on file somewhere that states they turned me away at some point. Nice. So here I am with perfectly good O- blood and they don't want it!? Hmmm... Ended up running to the Dr's office to get a note stating it's ok for me to donate w/ an irregular heartbeat and flew back up there to catch them before they left. Easy process, all went well until about 20 min after. I felt good so I passed on the OJ & cookies. BIG MISTAKE!!! HUGE mistake!!! Ick. I was sweating in places I didn't know I could sweat. I think the insides of my ears were even sweating. I was white as the newly fallen snow outside, and SICK. Ick. I went into the bathroom at working, thinking I had to throw up, then I thought as I was crouched down that I'd shit my pants (which I didn't). It was like I had no control over my body. So here I am, at work, laying on the nice cold bathroom floor. Then I got scared that I was going to pass out in there with the door locked and no one would find me. Finally went back to my desk only to go back in the bathroom again. Got a Sprite after coming out the second time. I felt a little better but not much. I will never take cookies & OJ for granted again!!! Gawd I felt horrible!!!! Now that I feel better, I'm proud of myself for going through with it. I'm glad that I finally sucked it up and took the time to potentially help someone. Yay me!

Time for this chick to go to bed. I'm dead tired, which is a GREAT thing considering it could be a week of insomnia!

Happy Trails my friends