Monday, December 27, 2010

Flipping the world the Bird

Again, it's been *forever* since I've been on here. Maybe it's because I don't have anything to say. Maybe I have too much to say and am paranoid that people will find this blog.... Idk.

We've added to the family-

I'm seriously wondering if there is something wrong with me! Two dogs and three cats.. yes I might have an issue. I may slowly be becoming "cat lady". As long as I turn out like Michelle Pfeiffer's "Cat Woman", I think I'll be ok. Although I may look a bit funny roaming around town in a black leather get-up. Although I would be HOT. lol

AG is becoming a dad. Things aren't as they once were. They haven't been in almost a year. Yet, knowing that I found out from someone else other than him... Yeah..... I have many words for that. However, none of which I've really spoke of yet. He has YET to say anything to me himself. Who the fuck does that? Who the fuck says nothing directly to a person who was "like" their closest friend. I have learned that things are not always as they seem. Even with those you are closest with...

WHEN will I learn who my true friends are?

This is something I've pondered very long and hard this year. Especially since this summer. I have an idea of who my true friends are, yet like AG, who I "thought" was one of my best friends, things are not always as they seem. How do you determine who is a true friend? He had actually told another co-worker who my family has been close to instead of telling me. That says SOOOOOOO much. I have a ton of things that I'd like to say to him but why? Why give him the satisfaction? Why bother? He just walks on egg shells around me. He knows why I'm upset yet still hasn't addressed it. Seems stupid if you ask me. A simple "Hey I'm sorry I didn't tell you myself & you found out another way" would suffice. Or how about "Hey I'm sorry I'm a lying son of a bitch who you can't trust and has kept numerous things from you over the course of our 7 year friendship". How can people be such lying sacks of shit? Lies. Over and over and over. How can they continue to lie to you after you catch them in lies and they promise not to lie to you anymore?! I honestly don't know how people sleep at night. As soon as I see him I close up. My wall is up, my mouth is closed and any friendliness that I've felt towards people that day I literally feel being sucked back into my body and I become a very cold standoffish person. I'd like to punch him in the face and tell him to fuck off. I hope he has a daughter. I also hope he gains a conscience. Sometimes (more often than not) I wish I'd never met him. I find this sad as for many years I confided so much of my life into this person. We shared a lot. Thoughts, feelings, ambitions, goals... Lies. It was all one big mother fucking lie. Cock sucker.

So... many things have changed in my life. Primarily bc of AG and partly bc of another Fucktard in my life. Mostly because of lies that they have both told. They have both made me feel that I'm this horrible person. They had me questioning who I am. Questioning what I stand for. Qeustioning my actions. In the end, I know I'm a good person. I know that I'm the first one to offer a helping hand when needed. Offer the shirt off my back. Offer myself up to help with something even if I don't want to because I know it's important to that person. I started looking back. I started realizing who has been there for me and who hasn't. The list isn't quite as long as I'd thought. I always thought I had a small handfull of friends that I could rely on and trust and you know... I don't. I don't have those people. I have those people "sometimes". They have me all the time. I quit asking people to do things, I quit calling people...

Another realization- I'm single. (Duh) Single people don't get asked to do things nearly as often as couples. I have an interest in a co-worker that I took home in a drunken stupor after our Christmas party a few weekends ago and boy do the people come right out of the woodwork!!! Hey, we should get togehter & do something. All 4 (or 6) of us. Really? Fuck you people. I'm not good enough when I'm a "single" but now that I could potentially be part of a couple I'm good enough? Yeah, fuck you too. But whose the first one they call when they need to bitch about their SO? Yep, yours truly. Imagine that? I'm not good enough to call to say "Hey lets do this or that" but bwaaaah I wanna cry on your shoulder because I'm sad because my boyfriends a dick. Yeah, fuuuuuuuck you.

I need a vacation. A sunny, warm, tropical vacation. Away from these people. Away from everyone & everything here to regroup so I can slowly become megabitch again over the next.... well till I go on another vacation. This year has been the year of "I'm going to hop on an airplane & go xx for xx hours and then come home". Vegas, Atlanta, Green Bay, and various cities in my state... Hell I'm just happy to get the hell out of here even if it's for 12 hours and get away from this life and people that surround it.

I need a hobby... And a vacation... Not really in that order.

I need to try new things in the new year. I need to try to commit to something. I think I have a phobia of commitment. There must be a word for that... Commitmentphobia... imagine that?! Thank God for Google. See... not even THAT can be interesting!!! I am soooooooooooooooooooooooo boring.