Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Bc I HAVEN'T been on here in forever I didn't know that I can now blog via email. How f'n cool is that?! We may be back in business people. One never knows. :)


Wow it's a been a really really long time since I've been here. Probably bc I really have nothing nice to say and too much to bitch about so I've just been keeping to myself.

Bug's been gone for a month. One down & one to go.

Summer sucks this year. WAY too cold! I need a way to find Al Gore & tell him I think his global warming stuff is a crock of shit bc it certainly hasn't affected (or is it effected?) us here!

Beer sounds good.

I like to Tweet now that I've figured out how to use it from my phone. They blocked FB from work so my phone has become my lifeline to the outside world while I'm at a desk waiting for the phone to ring.

Tomorrow is the 9 year anniversary that a dear friend of mine passed way. I miss him each and every single day.

I'm out.